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  • Titulaire du concours: rurweide
  • Categorie: Logo
  • Total budget: € 200.00
  • Date de lancement : 20-06-2012 12:54
  • Date de clôture : 04-07-2012 12:50
  • Statut : Terminé
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Je viens de créer une entreprise en consulting alimentaire qui se charge de développer de nouveaux
produits pour le marché Suisse. Cette compagnie s’appelle Regiline. Je pensais de manière assez simpliste à jouer sur les mots régime, ligne (anglais line) avec peut-être une image de fourchette dessinée quelque part mais je suis ouvert pout toutes autres idées

Merci d’avance


I have just created my own company active in the food consulting field. Basicely, we develop some new food products and we introduce them inside of the Swiss market. My company’s name is Regiline. I was thinking about something related the following word: health, fit, etc….

I am of course open for your proposals


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    1. Description du designer Creator:

      Bonjour Régis,

      As promised, here my update. Also in black and white so you can see the power of this logo totally. I hope it appeals to what you have in mind. Looking forward to your reaction again.

      Cordialement, Ted

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    1. Description du designer Creator:

      Bonsoir Régis,

      Ici mon contribution pour vottre competition.
      I have chosen to avoid explicit food related items. I see a lot of restaurant look-a-like logo's.... with most respect your business is consultancy. And Apple and Shell (for example) do sell their products without showing a phone/computer or a drilling rig....

      I wanted to concentrate on the line. It's a symbol for protection, environment and health. And it looks just good! ;-) I hope to receive any reaction from you so we can take this further on.

      Most regards, au revoir...

    2. rurweide dit :

      HI Ted,

      I think it's a good idea and let's explore your recommendation to its limit in cancelling the: “Food Consultancy” word. This word could be misunderstood in my region

    3. Creator dit

      Hi Régis, is there a comprehensive word, term, which doesn't give any chance of misunderstoodment in your language? Or a pay-off? ;-)

    4. rurweide dit :

      Not really that s why i would like to take it out. Moreover i would like to have some distribution as well in the coming years and not only consultancing.


    5. Ce concours est terminé. Il n'est plus possible de communiquer.

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